How can Dr. Watson help?

All too often, injury claims are settled on the basis of unreliable evidence. Dr. Watson stops this by…

Providing advice on the reliability of the evidence.

  • This will clarify and challenge appropriate points though the deployment of clinical questions.

Uncovering the clinical causation and acceleration arguments.

  • We bring them to light, as these are often under-exploited in cases.
  • Positioning the uncovered arguments and clinical causation effectively.
  • Ensures the case gets settled quickly and accurately.

Rehabilitation that is of benefit only.

  • Beneficial rehabilitation is the only type of rehabilitation that we would recommend, avoiding any unnecessary excess cost.Without our service rehabilitation is deployed onto cases that only have limited clinical merit. 

Reviewing hospital and GP notes.

  • We supply a comprehensive report on all issues that ya be effective the case. 
  • Nominating doctors to receive the medical notes directly

Avoiding the rejection of most settlement offers.

  • We review the injury and position the settlement offer based on objective, clinical fact;
  • Increasing the likelihood of it’s acceptance through our clinical review.

Reducing the elongated negotiations.

  • Our objective clinical reviews allows this to be implemented.

Drawing all the medical and clinical information together.

  • This  provides a comprehensive review of the case, meaning that all of the sources (experts, medical notes, etc) are taken into consideration.

Providing straightforward medical advice.

  • Saving the handlers time and money without obtaining any added stress.

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