How does Dr. Watson do this?

The service we provide offers a lot of positive contributions to help you settle a case quickly; here’s how we do it.

Medical Management

Dr. Watson provides a FREE preliminary medical review of the clinical features of the case.

Our doctors will provide advice on:

  • The likely extent of the injury.
  • Expected recovery time-frames.
  • Risk factors that may elongate the recovery.
  • Medical factors that may impact the claim.
  • A Medical Management strategy.

Challenging and Clarifying Evidence.

  • Providing clinically-based Part 35 questions to challenge, interrogate and clarify the evidence.

Empowering Settlement.

  • Identifying the objective facts to support clinically-led Part 36 offers to facilitate early settlement.
  • Releasing precious claims resources through reducing the settlement times.

Forensic Analysis.

  • Reviews of all available evidence and case information in order to clarify and exploit the key medical features of the case.
  • Reduction of claims costs, the objective analysis speeds up the claims process and reduces claim time on cases.

Medicolegal Support.

  • Briefing independent medicolegal experts to focus on the key medical issue in order to optimise and support swift settlements.

Medical Advice.

  • The advice helps handlers settle cases.
  • Promotes effective claims’ negotiation.

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